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AL_A, Amanda Levete's award-winning practice, has been granted the go-ahead to construct a model of a nuclear fusion power plant in Oxfordshire, UK. This project is being carried out in partnership with General Fusion from Canada and the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

“AL_A has designed a building that is exceptionally functional and beautiful. Their approach demonstrates how architecture can cohesively integrate fusion energy infrastructure into society. We can’t wait to kick-off construction this year and anticipate commissioning our fusion machine in 2026 with full operations starting early the following year.”
Greg Twinney, CEO, General Fusion

Image: AL_A

The South Oxfordshire District Council Planning Committee met 11 January 2023. The committee considered the proposed design to be both functional and striking and noted “The building is of exemplary design and meticulously thought through.”

Construction work will start this year.

The 38m high fusion hall at General Fusion, adorned with translucent fabric to give the structure a softer look, will contain the company's magnetised target fusion machine. The office spaces, workshops and laboratories, featuring generous amounts of natural light and ventilation, are placed in a loop encircling the hall - giving occupants views of both the fusion activities as well as aspects of nature.

Designed to build upon the fusion machine, the radial configuration maximises operational effectiveness.

General Fusion and the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) are collaborating in the development of a facility to showcase a technology intended to present a carbon-free alternative to the burning of fossil fuels.



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