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The European Union Intellectual Property Office has rejected Audi's legal action against NIO over its use of the 'ES8 and ES6' branding for its electric vehicles in Europe,  altering the course of the situation.

Despite its success in Germany, Audi has been dealt a blow in Europe by way of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) ruling this week that the NIO ES6 and ES8 models do not create any confusion.

After viewing Chinese EV maker NIO in 2021, a court in Germany chose to support Audi last month following a 15-month-long struggle, for the sake of safeguarding the distinction of its S6 and S8 model designations at the European Patent Office.

The German court decided that two of NIO's electric SUV offerings, the ES6 and ES8, were too similar to Audi's already-existing S6 and S8 vehicle names. It was reasoned that customers might believe there is an "electric" variant of Audi resulting from the slight alteration in naming.

We at Monument completely disagree with these claims by Audi ad the supporting German court.

NIO's ES7 ventured into the region, but it was later renamed EL7 to dodge potential pushback. Audi's legal complaint cited NIO EVs that are not yet available in Germany; though the ruling was not set in stone, the company still said it would appeal and preserve its legal rights.

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The German car manufacturer Audi emerged victorious in the legal case against Nio, leading to the rebranding of the ES8 as the EL8 in Europe.

On January 19 2023, the Munich Regional Court in Germany ruled in favour of Audi. It barred Nio from using and promoting the ES8 and ES6 names, due to the potential for confusion with Audi's S6 and S8 models.

Can NIO Beat Their Quarterly Delivery Records By Selling 40K Plus EV's in Q1 of 2023!

NIO is known for setting new Q1 delivery records and beating the previous year's Q4 records. In Q4 of 2020, NIO delivered 17,353 EVs. The company then beating the said record in Q1 of 2021 and sold 20,060 EVs.

The New NIO EC7 Flagship Coupe SUV Come With 572 Miles Of Ranges

The all-new EC7 comes with 644bhp, 627 lb-ft twin-motor, four-wheel drive powertrain, this enables the vehicle to complete a 0-62mph acceleration within 3.8 seconds.

$NIO Cuts Q4 2022 Delivery Expectations.

Chinese EV startup NIO as EV cut deliveries expectations for December 2022. So far NIO has done well to deliver over 91,000 EVs in 2022. The company has sold 41K ES6s, 29,900 ES8s, and almost 30K EC6s. To say this company is undervalued is an understatement.

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