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Bugatti has once again brought the car world to its knees with the latest Bugatti Tourbillon, a 1775-bhp hybrid v-16 powertrain, this is the successor to the iconic Chiron and it does not disappoint.

The new supercar is fitted with a mechanical gauge cluster made by a Swiss watchmaker, this is not where the differences stop, as the steering column is in a fixed position while the steering wheel rotates as the driver wishes. Bugatti will also allow customers to customise the gauges to a watch of their aspirations.

The naming of the new Bugatti is certainly a unique choice, as Horology is defined as the study of time, within the definition of Horology the word Tourbillon is a rotating cage designed to improve precision and it upholds the innermost workings of a mechanical watch.

Credit: Bugatti

This vehicle is expected to enter production in 2026, Bugatti intends to manufacture 250 during the car lifespan, sticking to the company's tradition of making every car different in its own very special way. Many who are happy to spend up to $5m on a supercar will not have the privilege of ever owning a Tourbillon as its priorities are that of the very loyal Bugatti customer base.

Bugatti has been in business for over 115 years, its DNA spans from its origin in France, where the company was first conceptualised, while Bugatti almost always stays far away from lavish LED displays, often to protect the brand identity as a timeless piece of automobile, for the first time an infotainment system display is included in this new Bugatti Tourbillon, and its cleverly hidden away beneath the cars very own enclosure to be reveal only when its needed by its driver.

Credit: Bugatti
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