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The automotive designer, Henrik Fisker, wants to offer an electric vehicle (EV) for purchase that is within one's financial reach.

Fisker Inc. CEO goes into detail on how to stay clear of production problems, constructing a genuinely inexpensive electric vehicle and why 2023 will be a decisive year for EVs.

The Fisker PEAR, or “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution,” is a smaller EV from Fisker Inc. The remarkable starting price of $29,900 - before any tax incentives - makes it an incredibly competitive offering.

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Following over two years of work, Fisker's Ocean all-electric SUV has been brought to the assembly line. The rollout plan will involve persistent OTA updating of feature packages, according to the organisation.

Image: Fisker

The Ocean Extreme trim, offered by the company for $68,999, is said to have a range of 350 miles on a single charge. It also comes with dual-motor all-wheel-drive, three driving modes, a 17.1 in. rotating screen with gaming capabilities via HMI, SolarSky roof and California Mode as well as digital radar.

Fisker states that the limited edition Ocean One takes the Extreme trim up a notch, offering exclusive touches only available on the initial 5,000 vehicles.

Image: Fisker

2023 will be a true litmus test for Fisker Inc. Its strategy to constructing electric vehicles could be validated: hiring external producers from all around the world for fabrication whilst concentrating their own efforts on engineering, design, and customer support.

The Fisker Ocean, comparable in size to the Tesla Model Y and Polestar 3 SUV. Its production is handled by Magna Steyr, who have extensive experience producing vehicles such as the BMW 5 Series sedan.

In November, production of the Ocean began in small quantities at Magna Steyr. By Q1 2023 Magna Steyr will have built 300 crossovers and then be steadily increasing this figure to 42,000 by the end of the year.

The Ocean will soon join a large selection of higher-end EV crossovers. The Ocean One model is aiming to come at a price of $68,999. The base Ocean Sport will launch for $37,499 with 250 miles of range.

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