Fisker Ronin's 1000bhp Engine Redefines Convertible GTs
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Henrik Fisker declares the super-GT, constructed in Britain, as "the utmost grand touring vehicle for long distance journeys". FSR

Fisker has announced the release of its new electric vehicle, the Fisker Ronin. Scheduled to debut in 2025, it boasts a range of over 600 miles and a power output of nearly 1000bhp; this form is reportedly setting a new standard as the world's first convertible grand tourer.

At their event in California last night, CEO Henrik Fisker described the four-door, five-seat GT as “the EV for somebody who craves what’s next” and believes it is “in a category of one.”

IMAGE: Fisker

Fisker is redefining the supercar of the future by providing an exclusive driving experience and a unique kind of luxury. Their aim is to craft something entirely distinct from other market offerings such as the Porsche Taycan and Mercedes-AMG EQS 53, and its design will be linked to their newly-manufactured Fisker Ocean SUV.

At the reveal event, it was confirmed that the rakish GT will be equipped with a triple motor, all-wheel-drive set-up having an output of nearly 1000bhp and a 0-62mph time of 2.0sec. Moreover, active aerodynamics are also to be incorporated; however, what these are is yet to be divulged.

Additionally, according to the CEO of the US-based firm, it will have an incredible 600-mile range, making it the longest range in any production EV. It is attributed to an innovative method which extracts power from cells embedded into its chassis. Nevertheless, no information was revealed regarding its size.

Fisker said, “We wanted a car that you simply want to drive without having to worry about when you have to bring it to a halt. And this range seemed the perfect choice. It also features a carbon-fibre hardtop as opposed to the usual cloth tops seen on other supercars, four butterfly doors and a sophisticated luxury interior.”

IMAGE: Fisker
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Henrik Fisker previously informed Autocar that the Ronin is expected to arrive towards the end of 2025, with production set to begin in the second half of 2024.

The price has yet to be confirmed. He commented that the development process has been challenging due to the lack of a B-pillar, but a unique and strong lower rocker structure has been designed to provide support during side impacts. Furthermore, he spoke of how he hoped to bring a true British sports car experience with this project, noting it as "a redefinition of a luxury sports car of the future". With one million EVs on the road planned by 2027 and more beyond 2030, Fisker hopes to become a major player in car manufacturing.


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