Ford Drops Price on Mustang Mach-E SUV
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Ford Motor Co. revealed their decision on Tuesday to once more reduce prices for the Mustang Mach-E SUV, as they vie with Tesla to secure a greater share of the increasingly expanding electric vehicle market - while the latter raised their own prices.

Ford reduced the price of the Mach-E standard range to $42,995 and California Route 1 to $56,995. The Premium standard range dropped to $46,995 and the GT extended range decreased by $4,000 to $59,995.

Tesla has raised the prices of the Model Y, a competitor to the Mach-E, by $250. The site lists the standard Model Y at $47,240, Long Range at $50,240 and Performance at $54,240.

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In February, Ford adjusted the 2023 Mustang Mach-E SUV starting from $46,000 up to $64,000, with a decrease of $600 depending on the model. Data from Cox Automotive revealed that its average transaction price for October to December 2022 was $59,431.

Ford has announced that it anticipates a considerable surge in production, from 78,000 units last year to 130k by 2023, amounting to an increase of nearly 67%.

On the eve of reopening Mach-E order banks, Ford shared news with the Detroit Free Press that they would be dramatically increasing production whilst containing costs after a significant factory renovation. This renovation was necessitated by the extended closure of their Mexico plant in the first quarter.

Ford is offering a "try, then buy" experience with BlueCruise hands-free highway driving and accompanying it with a complimentary 90-day connected service plan. It should be noted that Consumer Reports has rated its active driving assistance system as the leading one in the industry.

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