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GM sub-brand Wuling has started to introduce their new affordable electric vehicle to directly compete with BYD seagull EV. Known as the 2024 bingo EV launched by GM Wuling at the start price of under US$8000. This is an effort to add greater pressure to BYD.

Recently this year BYD made great headlines with their incredible seagull EV priced at US$9700. It was an immediate success selling over 35,000 units and may only this is a cost-effective vehicle aimed to strategically pinpoint and deliver to customers at a more convenient price segment, and as far it worked.

Source: Wuling

This is a project a company built upon a joint venture between GM and SAIC, and many world question why GM would be willing to do this. It is fairly simple. The BYD seagull was the best-selling small car in China last month with the Bingo following closely behind so as it turns out this was a very smart move by the GM sub-brand, with faster charging capabilities and new features to the 2024 model six the new Bingo model has caught up rather quickly using what GM has provided.

The exterior of the car is quite appealing. Many would see this car as an easy competitor towards the iconic mini brand interior-wise. This car also takes inspiration from the mini brand all remaining different in its unique way the headlights are a symbol of its uniqueness unlike many others that you haven't seen, it is immediate and different and the interior aims for affordability it is clear that it intends to impress the buyers regardless of who is buying.

Source: Wuling

The new charging capabilities are to quickly allow its users to charge from 30% to 80% in a simple 35 minutes using DC fast charging. This feature was not available for standard models. The interior is captivating enough to feature a 10-inch dual screen system, the car is fitted in such a way that it's there to stay competitive in its target audience's primary markets similar to that of the BYD Seagull the comparisons couldn't be any clearer. The competitiveness couldn't be any settler and this is what helped up to BYD seagull in such a short period in China at least.

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