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Google is introducing a high-definition version of Google Maps for vehicles running its Android Automotive OS. This new version delivers enhanced particulars, such as lane markings, signs, and obstacles, which were not accessible previously.

Image: Polestar
Image: Polestar

The new Google HD form of its vehicle navigation technology. This form is not intended for consumers; it works as an additional data layer and is supplied through Google Automotive Services to the car's L2+ or L3 assisted-driving systems.

The Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3, both of which are underpinned by Volvo's Scalable Product Architecture (SPA2) and utilise Google's Android Automotive operating system, will be the first vehicles to receive the new HD maps. The EX90 is set to be the Swedish automaker's flagship electric vehicle, releasing later this year; whilst the Polestar 3 marks the performance marque's first SUV.

“These developments are the direct result of our strong relationship with Google and show the advantages of integrating the innovative Android Automotive OS in our cars,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO.

Image: Volvo

Google’s HD maps supply the road data, which is then handled by each car's Nvidia computer. With further input from vehicle sensors like cameras, radars and lidar, it fuels the driver aid features.

We have created a video about Google New HD Maps. Please check it out for a more visual & audible perspective.

Drawing on our time-honoured tradition of charting the planet, Google set out to develop their HD map with automakers in mind. This map provides detailed lane-level and localisation information that is key to driving forward the advancement of driver assistance and autonomous systems.

Google, in a statement. “We’re excited to continue partnering with leading automakers like Volvo to improve the safety and comfort of drivers everywhere.”

Volvo and Polestar are providing users with the convenience of remote check-in through Google home devices. With this, owners can now ask Google assistant for updates on battery levels or preheat their car's interior without leaving the house. The feature is first available in the US, while other countries will gain access later on in 2023.

Google declared that Waze, lately accessible in a couple of Renault cars running Android Automotive OS, will eventually be present on other vehicles. Additionally, YouTube app is planned to be available via Google Play soon.

Polestar 3 is all set to be the very first vehicle globally to present Google's new HD map - an exhaustive and constantly updated map, providing comprehensive road information. With this high-resolution map, Polestar will be able to combine their vehicle sensing technology alongside Google's precise lane-level and localisation data to equip driver assistance features like Pilot Assist, as well as future autonomous driving capabilities.

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