Volvo EM90 Minivan
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Volvo has revealed its new luxurious electric minivan, the EM90. This new model will act as a leader in a host of EVs that are set to be released by the Swedish carmaker over the coming years.

Volvo is reportedly forging ahead with six electrical vehicle (EV) models to be revealed over the next four years. The brand's SUV and sedan ranges will also reportedly feature electric replacements. Additionally, the Geely Group-owned automaker aims to create a zeekr 009-based electric minivan tailored for China and other Asian markets, where luxury vans are popular - a design that looks set to be "emotional" yet not available in the United States.


IMAGE: Volvo

Volvo made an exciting announcement earlier this month, teasing the upcoming launch of its electric minivan, the EM90. Preorders for Chinese customers will open on November 12, and it's expected that the EM90 will remain available exclusively in Asian markets.

This follows the release of Volvo's first purpose-built EV last year, a three-row SUV known as the EX90. Based on the XC90, a mainstay in the company's lineup since 2002, this marked Volvo's first step towards achieving their goal of having an entirely electric portfolio by 2030. Reuters recently reported that at least six new EVs will be launched by 2026, covering all major segments.

IMAGE: Volvo EX90

Following the reveal of the EX90, Volvo teased the EX30, a smaller model anticipated to launch on June 15. The Swedish carmaker plans electric replacements for the XC60 and XC40 crossovers and S60 and S90 sedans, however it remains uncertain whether this model will be available in the U.S. Rumours surfaced in February 2022 of two "activity vehicles" being developed by Volvo; yet the design of these models still remain unidentified.

Volvo's future plans for releasing an electric minivan, likely taking advantage of Geely's 82-percent ownership of the brand. The Zeekr 009, unveiled last year and offering a 140.0-kWh battery and 536 horsepower dual-motor powertrain, is expected to be closely related to this model. Three rows of seats offer luxurious comfort, while prices in China begin from the equivalent of $74,000 USD.

In order to fully realize the van design and capabilities, Volvo Shanghai R&D center has increased its design team to 60 people and moved into a larger facility. With its dramatic styling akin to popular luxury vans such as Toyota Alphard in Asia, we anticipate the Zeekr 009 with great interest - hoping it pushes Volvo to bring this alternative model Stateside rather than rolling out more hulking SUVs.


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