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Sir Lewis Hamilton has expressed a desire to compete for Ferrari in Formula 1, while at the same time reiterating his loyalty to Mercedes.

A seven-time champion racing for both Mercedes and Ferrari would be nostalgic, in light of Michael Schumacher's success a decade ago. Given Mercedes' struggles this year, it does raise the question of whether the 37-year-old might be persuaded to change teams.

Lewis Hamilton has confirmed his intentions to agree a new long-term contract with Mercedes. With his current deal ending in 2023.

Image: Lewis

Ferrari have announced Fred Vasseur as the new Team Principal, effective January 2023. Vasseur is currently heading Alfa Romeo Racing and Sauber Motorsport, succeeding Mattia Binotto.

Binotto joined Ferrari as an engine engineer in 1995 and steadily rose to take the helm of the celebrated F1 team. Last month, he decided to resign.

Ferrari has had nothing but disappointment in the last decade of racing in F1. Ferrari lost both the 2017 and 2018 championships, this has been made worst due to their losses in 2022 after team and drivers error.

The 2023 season promises to have strong competition as Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes are all serious contenders. If Ferrari continues to lose the championship they will have no other option but to hire the greatest and most experienced F1 pilot of all time Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Considering Lewis's average performance is far greater than most drivers in F1, it is undeniable Sir Hamilton appeals greatly to the Enzo Ferrari racing team.

Lewis will retire at some point during the next 5 years and it is at this point the Ferrari team will need him most, I believe a £100M deal would be appropriate to convince the only centurion in F1 history to join Enzo's team at least for 1 season.