Lucid Motors Apple CarPlay Integration

Written by Kitai | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube

Lucid Motors recently released their flagship Air sedan, two years ago - and now they are finally delivering on the promise of all four original trims. That's been resolved now, as Lucid has confirmed that CarPlay will come standard with each trim

Lucid Motors declared on Thursday that wireless support of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is included as standard in all Lucid Air models. This is integrated with the Glass Cockpit display and controlled via touchscreen.

The Lucid Air offers more than 500 miles of range and ultra-efficient propulsion, all courtesy of its unique Wunderbox charging system. Its luxurious design is laden with top-tier details - you’ll discover something new each time you take the wheel, no matter the trim level.

The Lucid Air is an opulent electric vehicle beginning at $87,400. Those intrigued can place a reservation for delayed models beginning at $300 — utilising Apple Pay as well.


Lucid announced that CarPlay integration is now a standard feature in their latest tweet. This update allows owners of the Lucid Air to take advantage of Apple CarPlay's capabilities, all through the electric vehicle's Class Cockpit touchscreen. With this addition, users will have easy access to numerous apps.

Lucid have announced that their latest software update will be pushed out to their EVs in the following week and will be featured on all Air sedans produced from now onwards. Keep an eye peeled for this new update!