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The Lucid Air has arrived in Europe and the first of these vehicles are being delivered to customers in Germany and the Netherlands.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition boasts a WLTP driving range of 883 km, making it the longest-range electric vehicle available to European customers. This model is now available in two versions, allowing customers to pick a model that best showcases the exceptional luxury electric sedan. The vehicle boasts a range and charging capability unmatched by any other car on the market.

Image: Lucid Motors
Image: Lucid Motors

Dream Edition Performance and Range both reveal Lucid's dedication to efficiency. The former offers an electric driving range of 799 km on the WLTP combined cycle, as well as 828 kW (1,111 horsepower) from its two motors, enabling it to reach 0-100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. On the other hand, the latter boasts a remarkable driving range of 883 km and 696 kW (933 horsepower).

Lucid's vehicles come with powerful charging capabilities—900V+ electrical architecture for both Air Dream Edition and Air Grand Touring. With access to a DC fast charger of 300kW+, Lucid Air Grand Touring can go 400 km in a mere 15 minutes, making it perfect for driving across Europe.

During mid December 2022 Lucid Motors, a US-based electric car producer, has opened an office and delivery centre in Hilversum, the Netherlands - situated on the outskirts of Amsterdam. This is the third European retail spot established by the brand.

Image: Lucid Motors

Lucid has opened a 2,232-square-meter site in Hilversum to offer Dutch customers comprehensive sales and service support. The new facility, located at Bussumergrintweg 12, is run independently from Lucid's European headquarters in Amsterdam. This was reported in a statement from the company.

“The Netherlands is a key market for Lucid because of its high adoption of EVs and very mature charging infrastructure,” said Eric Bach, senior vice president of product and chief engineer for Lucid Group.

Further Lucid locations are expected to be unveiled in key European cities by 2023, with Munich and Geneva already being established as offices. Furthermore, Lucid successfully completed their share offering plan with the sale of over 56.2 million common stock shares, raising $600 million in gross proceeds. They anticipate an extra roughly $915 million from Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund before the year's end, with majority ownership of Lucid shares belonging to them.

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