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  1. "We made a house with a bump! Muhu is a new era design villa from which dome window you can enjoy the beauty of the night sky. Muhu is born in collaboration with @aksohaus and @ktarchitects"

Off-grid Tiny Home Adventures

Via - @patagoniacabins 📸 @levimkelly


Shared by levimkelly / @stayatliveoaklake / @isaacfrench_ 7 cabins surrounding the private lake, Spacious living room with a wall of glass to overlook the lake. 2 bedrooms and a full bath here all in about 500sqft of living space!

A-Frame Cabins

Shared by levimkelly @thetexasaframe Beautiful A-frames. Located right on the Blanco River. There are 3 levels inside with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Polestar KOJA

Shared by @talvitiekristian shortlisted for the #polestardesigncontest2021 student category.
A small building which reduces the need for travel while also bringing people closer to nature.

Cardboard Cabin

Shared by By @andresgilortizarquitectura "Flexible and livable space in 27 m3"