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The UK's electric vehicle (EV) drivers are set to receive a boost, courtesy of a new PoGo charging network. It will provide them with charge points across the nation.

PoGo, an innovative electric vehicle charging network, has been launched in the UK to give a much-needed boost to the country's charging infrastructure.

In spite of its labeling, the name 'PoGo' doesn't actually reference a stick with a spring: it is an acronym for 'Power and Go', which the network claims represents their priority to make charging practical and easy for their customers.

Swarco Smart Charging, a division of Swarco traffic technology, is introducing PoGo, their EV charging infrastructure. They have already installed more than 12 thousand charging points across the UK - comprising mainly of domestic and commercial units.

The firm plans to expand PoGo into an extensive network of ultra-rapid charging stations within the next four years, with each station ideally located near public amenities such as coffee shops to provide drivers with convenience.

PoGo charging sites will offer multiple charging options, ranging up to 100kW. The firm has committed to using only renewable energy sources and plan to open more than a hundred such sites this year.

The firm's website offers insight into their pricing, where AC charging is available for 75p per kWh and DC tariffs reach 97p. Eugenio Herrero from PoGo noted that they are collaborating with landlords in order to ensure ultra-rapid service across the UK - no matter what corner you find yourself in.

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