NIO Announces Alps and Firefly Brand
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NIO, the Chinese manufacturer of premium electric vehicles, divulged that it will introduce a new brand for its mass-market models in 2021, targeting the European market.

NIO Concept Car

The NIO Group is in the process of developing two separate budget-friendly brands, dubbed Alps and Firefly, for the time being. The definitive labels for these projects are yet to be determined.

Project Firefly is devoted to creating a new brand of entry-level cars specifically for European marketplaces. It is planned that this will be priced around £23,500, likely pitting it against the Volkswagen ID 2, which is expected to launch soon.

NIO is set to introduce its initial European-spec offering, a wagon version of the ET5 saloon, later this year. However, considering their premium-driven strategy, it appears unlikely that they will venture into the world of superminis.

Nio is a company that strives to build better battery charging. They have been working hard to develop the best possible methods, technologies and products for superior battery charging. Nio seeks to revolutionize how we charge our batteries, providing better, more efficient alternatives for all users.

Nio, an automotive startup, has a vision of widespread battery swapping. Its cars can also be recharged in the conventional way. Founder Bin Li persuaded influential investors such as Autohome, Lenovo and Tencent to back his alternative fuel-feeding system on an international scale. In China, Nio is considered equal to or better than its German competitors when it comes to customer service, due to its comprehensive app integration and remote services.

Furthermore, 180-kW and 500-kW fast-chargers are available as well as an array of 24/7 charging vans that serve rural areas. Furthermore, a smartphone specifically for Nio users is supposedly in the works too. As for the cars themselves, the sleek ET5 sedan and roomy ES7 SUV both use the NT2.0 architecture and have an estimated range of up to 400 miles.

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Next year Nio intends to launch Alps, a model aiming at Volkswagen and Toyota with several new vehicles costing under $40K. Himalaya is set for release by 2025; this budget nameplate will offer models from $20K.

Li believes that NIO's battery swapping service will enable them to outpace the competition. It is his intention for them to have a total of 1,000 swap stations outside of China by 2025.

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