NIO CFO Confirms 250K 2023 Delivery Target!

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Shares of NIO Inc. ($NIO) are back on the rise after the company's CFO, Mr Feng, said he was "very confident" that the electric vehicle manufacturer would hit its 250,000 annual sales target for 2023.

The CFO noted that they planned on achieving their goals by introducing new models, increasing their charging and battery-swapping amenities and granting access to self-driving tech. Subsequently, NIO's shares experienced an 8.6% boost in the opening of Hong Kong stock exchange and rose around 18% over the past 48 hours.


Hitting the 250,000 vehicles mark would be a milestone for Chinese automaker NIO. Last year they delivered 122,486 autos – a 34% surge and yet still lagging behind their initial intention.

NIO is now up against increased competition in the Chinese market due to a price clash between homegrown EV makers such as BYD, Tesla, Polestar, XPeng and huge international names like Volkswagen, all aiming to boost their sales.

NIO has had an impressive bank balance of $6.6 billion by the close of last year, offering them a huge scope of investment in global progress and product creation. As part of their extended strategy, they plan to launch five new models in 2023, and are also keen to expand aggressively into Europe.

1,331 Power Swap Stations (11 in EU), including 350 Power Swap Stations along highway routes

1,261 Power Charger Stations(6 in EU)

6,385 Power Chargers (18 in EU)

1,114 Destination Charger Stations

7,558 Destination Chargers

Connections with 1,048,000+ Third-Party Chargers(388,000+ in EU)

**Newly added in in February 2023

1 NIO Space (1 in EU)

6 NIO Service Centers (1 in EU)

8 Power Swap Stations (1 in EU), including 2 Power Swap Stations along highway routes

15 Power Charger Stations (1 in EU)

36 Destination Charger Stations

Connections with 31,823 Third-Party Chargers

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$NIO Cuts Q4 2022 Delivery Expectations.

Chinese EV startup NIO as EV cut deliveries expectations for December 2022. So far NIO has done well to deliver over 91,000 EVs in 2022. The company has sold 41K ES6s, 29,900 ES8s, and almost 30K EC6s. To say this company is undervalued is an understatement.

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