NIO ES6 SUV Unveiled: A High-Tech Marvel on Four Wheels
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EV manufacturer NIO rolled out their new ES6 electric SUV on Wednesday. This second-generation model, although compact in size, is set to deliver impressive results.

NIO first introduced the ES6 in 2018 as an economical option compared to the ES8. Distribution started in late 2019.


Since its launch, the ES6 has been a strong seller for NIO as their most budget-friendly SUV. Figures show it accounted for almost 64% of their sales in 2020, 45 percent in 2021, and 46% so far this year.

NIO has shifted its attention to its new second-gen models, which will be based on the Adam supercomputer and equipped with four Nvidia DRIVE Orin SoCs. The company's NT 2.0 EV platform will enable these vehicles to reach higher levels of performance.

Powered by Nvidia’s impressive technology, the NIO Adam supercomputer offers a groundbreaking 1,000 trillion operations per second for running applications and networks needed to power autonomous vehicles.


The ES7 was the first of NIO's models to introduce the new tech, with the ET5, ES7, EC7, and its successor - the ES8 - following soon after. Now, the EV maker has released their most crucial vehicle yet: the second-gen ES6.

NIO unveiled the ES6 on Wednesday, across multiple media platforms. This new model boasts an updated exterior with advanced multi-beam headlights, Illuminablade taillights and low wind resistance - symbolising its evolution in design.

The ES6 is an impressive size, stretching to 4,854 mm in length, 1,995 mm across and 1,703 mm high. It's bigger than the model it replaces and delivers hefty performance too - 150 kW up front and 210 kW in the rear motor can reach 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in a mere 4.5 seconds with 482 hp (360 kW).

The Second Generation NIO ES6 will have two versions: the 75 kWh battery for a starting price of 368,000 yuan ($52,100) and the 100 kWh battery with a starting cost of 426,000 yuan ($60,300). This version of the car is also known as the EL6 in Europe, due to a trademark conflict between Audi's gas-powered S6 model.

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