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Nio appointed a former Rolls-Royce executive to serve as their Head of Brand Development for the UK market. Nio welcomed Tom Wharfe to its team as Head of Brand and User Development for the UK market.

This all mean NIO is getting closer to launching into the UK.

Image: NIO

Tom Wharfe, an experienced automotive manager of BMW, Volkswagen, and Rolls-Royce fame, recently made a big move when Nio UK announced the rollout of its Power Swap Stations (PSS) in 2023. This signals the Chinese company's entry to the British market - although no specific date has been declared.

Nio's CEO, William Li, alluded to an upcoming presence in the North American market. He remarked that the updated version of Nio's cars will be coming to the US. Since 2016 they have operated a research and development office San Jose, and recently signed a 10-year lease on a 200,000 square meter building. In December, Nio put out job listings in relation to US safety car compliance in Silicon Valley as well.

Image: NIO

Nio has placed ten battery-swapping stations throughout Europe in Norway, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. Additionally, seven more are coming soon including the UK.

The station in Denhollen (located in the Hogenhoorn 1 car park) opened shortly before the start of the new year, making it the third Nio battery swapping station in the Netherlands.

Image: NIO

By the end of 2023, Nio intends to have 120 of its battery exchange stations across Europe. Two EnBW fast-charging locations in Herleshausen (Hesse) and Großburgwedel (Lower Saxony) are to be fitted with the so-called “Power Swap Stations” (PSS). Depending on their agreement, it has yet to be determined which other locations will join them up.

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