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NIO has released more models and expanded into further markets, NIO's sales experienced a slight rise by 4%. Sales have exceeded 10,000 units per month.

In March, NIO's global electric vehicle deliveries saw an increase; however, the year-over-year growth rate fell short of expectations and was lower than that of February. In the last month, Chinese premium EV start-up delivered 10,378 vehicles, which is an increase of 3.9 percent compared to the same time period a year prior.

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China has been a major source of NIO's sales, accounting for the majority of them.

Even with the launch of new models and expansion to Europe, NIO has not seen a robust level of sales. Nevertheless, there is hope that performance later in the year will be better; last month saw total EV deliveries amounting to 10,378 (an increase of 4% year-over-year). Crossover/SUV models totalled 3,203 (a decrease of 67% compared to the same period last year), while electric sedans were 7,175 (as opposed to the 163 delivered during their first year of production). NIO no longer offers a breakdown between individual model data.

NIO's electric vehicle deliveries this year have exceeded 31,000 units, representing a 20% growth compared to the same period last year. Despite the decrease of 59% in crossover/SUV sales due to the changes towards next-generation vehicles, the sedan sales (ET5, ET7) have risen significantly from 163 in 2021 to over 20,000 now. Within 12 months of 2022 NIO had sold around 122,000 electric cars and cumulatively over 320,597. The 300 thousandth car was produced on December 12.

It is evident that NIO is transitioning from the NT 1.0 platform (EC6, ES6, ES8) to the advanced NT 2.0 platform: ES7 (EL7 in Europe), ET5, ET7, the new ES8 (due for delivery this June) and EC7 (due for delivery next May). Furthermore, at the Shanghai Auto Show, NIO will be introducing the latest ES6 model based on this new platform. In addition to these changes, NIO also reports of its network which contains 1,339 battery swap stations and 6,467 individual stalls at 1,285 fast charging stations as well as 7,993 individual stalls distributed among 1,154 destination charging stations by March 31. The firm plans to reach over 2,300 battery swap units by the end of 2023 with deployment commencing on March 28 of the third-generation Power Swap station with up to 408 swaps day to day. Finally, NIO provides a discounted upgrade service from lower 70 or 75 kWh batteries to 100 kWh ones with customers paying a monthly fee while owning batteries belongs to NIO.

NIO CFO Confirms 250K 2023 Delivery Target!

Shares of NIO Inc. ($NIO) are back on the rise after the company's CFO, Mr Feng, said he was "very confident" that the electric vehicle manufacturer would hit its 250,000 annual sales target for 2023.

The New NIO EC7 Flagship Coupe SUV Come With 572 Miles Of Ranges

The all-new EC7 comes with 644bhp, 627 lb-ft twin-motor, four-wheel drive powertrain, this enables the vehicle to complete a 0-62mph acceleration within 3.8 seconds.

Breaking: NIO To Launch ET5 Delivery in Germany on Mar 31

NIO (NYSE: $NIO) will deliver the ET5 in Germany during the final days of March, fulfilling their prior pledge to begin deliveries of the sedan in Europe this month. NIO is launching the 'First Mover' campaign via their European version of the App.

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