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Nio's Network Development Lead, Eleanor Sand, announced on January 3 that Power Swap Stations (PSS) will be set up in the UK starting in 2023. She also encouraged any interested land owners and CPOs to reach out and learn more about the project via her Linkedin post.

Nio currently operates a total of 1310 PSS, 1300 in China and 10 in Europe. William Li's goal for 2023 is to reach 1700 PSS in China, while announcing plans to have 120 PSS established by the end of 2023 in Europe. To accomplish this, they will need to build 400 additionally-allotted to China-and 110 allotted to Europe between 2021 and 2023. Nio's ambitious plan is to have 4000 PSS running by 2025-1000 overseas.

Originally, the goal was to have 20 PSS by the end of 2022 in Europe. However, this expectation was subsequently decreased to 17-18 by Qin Lihong, President of the company. The latest station opened on December 29 in Den Hoorn, Netherlands - being the third exchange there - brings the total to 10. The information regarding all existing and potential European swap stations can be found here.

The company is hoping to expand its reach to 25 countries by 2025 and has already made inroads into Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. Their next objectives include France, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Austria and Britain.

Nio has proclaimed that it will widen its foothold in the US market prior to 2025, revealed William Li, the company's originator. Ever since Nio inaugurated its first American office in 2016, they have amplified hiring at their Silicon Valley base, posting a broad range of roles related to US vehicle safety regulation.

The company has also unveiled its Generation 3 Power Swap Station (PSS). This new version can store 21 batteries and perform 408 swaps daily, using lidar technology to navigate for the swap. It is expected to go into operation in March 2023, but it is not yet confirmed which iteration of the PSS will be installed in the UK. Nio has already established one Nio House and three Nio Spaces across Europe, with plans to open up 10 more.