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NIO is known for setting new Q1 delivery records and beating the previous year's Q4 records. In Q4 of 2020, NIO delivered 17,353 EVs. The company then beating the said record in Q1 of 2021 and sold 20,060 EVs.

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NIO had a similar occurrence in Q4 of 2021 by delivering 25,034 EVs. NIO beats their own record once again in Q1 of 2022 and sold 25,768 EVs.

The question now is whether NIO can beat their Q4 2022 delivery record of 40,052 EVs. In December 2022, NIO delivered 15,815 vehicles, which represented a 50.8% year-over-year rise.  

NIO reported a production of 40,052 vehicles in the third quarter of 2022, which represented a 60.0% increase over the same period the year prior. In 2022, NIO saw a massive jump in its total deliveries, which came to 122,486 units – a 34.0% surge from the year before. As of December 31, 2022, NIO vehicle deliveries total 289,556.

To gain better insight into who holds influence over NIO Inc. (NYSE:NIO), it is essential to understand their ownership structure. With 48% stock, individual investors are the largest-holders, meaning that their actions would have the most significant impact on the success or failure of their investment.

Hedge funds don't hold a significant number of shares in NIO. William Li, the company's CEO, is the principal shareholder owning 10% of the outstanding shares. Tencent Holdings Limited and Baillie Gifford & Co. come next with holdings at 8.2% and 5.9% respectively.

The general public, primarily individual investors, hold a 48% stake in NIO giving them some degree of influence over the company. Additionally, 8.2% is owned by public companies, which could be strategic partners. Together this gives these stakeholders considerable power on how NIO is managed.

NIO announced the opening of its 10th battery swap station in Europe.

This marks a significant milestone as NIO continues to bring advanced technology and convenience to customers.

NIO, the Chinese EV manufacturer, recently expanded its presence in Europe with the launch of a tenth battery swap station on December 29. This move is part of the company's campaign to meet its ambition of becoming a major player in international markets.

NIO has rapidly expanded its charging and battery swap infrastructure across Europe, with their first facility opening in Norway on 19 January 2022. Their latest addition is a power station in the Hogenhoorn 1 car park of Denhollen, situated beside the A4 motorway from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, to provide drivers locally and along the route with access to quick charging. This marks NIO's third battery swap station in the Netherlands.

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The New NIO EC7 Flagship Coupe SUV Come With 572 Miles Of Ranges

The all-new EC7 comes with 644bhp, 627 lb-ft twin-motor, four-wheel drive powertrain, this enables the vehicle to complete a 0-62mph acceleration within 3.8 seconds.

$NIO Cuts Q4 2022 Delivery Expectations.

Chinese EV startup NIO as EV cut deliveries expectations for December 2022. So far NIO has done well to deliver over 91,000 EVs in 2022. The company has sold 41K ES6s, 29,900 ES8s, and almost 30K EC6s. To say this company is undervalued is an understatement.

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