Palantir and Panasonic Energy of North America Join Forces in Multi-Year Agreement
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Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR) made an announcement on Wednesday of a multi-year partnership with Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd., a Panasonic Group Co., and their North America facility, PENA in Nevada.

Foundry will be used by Palantir to facilitate the integration of edge sensors along factory lines and create automated efficiencies. Connected operations can be utilised by operational users on the factory floor.

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Thanks to Foundry and PENA's know-how, the "Smart Factory" will be implemented in PENA's IT and operational divisions. Leveraging Foundry, the platform will be used for operational judgement in their current Nevada plant, as well as the fresh facility in De Soto, Kansas beginning in 2025. This union is anticipated to grant the battery business a chance to rapidly make financial savings and raise return on investment when it is carried out.

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Justin Herman, Chief Information Officer at PENA, enlisted Palantir to assist in their mission for a connected factory. By addressing the problems of disparate data systems and manual work-arounds which resulted in erroneous data analysis, Foundry was successfully employed to bring about more efficiency within months.

It has been enabling the organisation to move towards operational excellence across numerous use cases across functions. This has led to smarter decisions, driven by reliable information, and yielded considerable returns per annum. We are only in the early stages of this journey.

PENA has leveraged Foundry to move away from the earlier combination of automated and manual processes, which involved inspecting thousands of datapoints and ticketing systems for guidance. AI/ML capabilities now allow PENA to maximise uptime and reduce defects. In place of many manual processes, automated software now provides access to billions of data points from across all areas of their company.

IMAGE: Palantir

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Shyam Sankar, CTO of Palantir, stated that PENA is a renowned name in their field and Foundry software instills operational excellence. Having Foundry as the core for PENA's Smart Factory drive has already generated tremendous outcome in decreasing material wastage, maximising production uptime and ultimately improving the quality and output.


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