Palantir's Foundry for Manufacturing on AWS: A Game-Changer for the Industry
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Palantir unveiled Foundry for Manufacturing on AWS, to fully realise the potential of industrial data. This innovative solution enables customers to merge together data, decisions and operations throughout the entire lifecycle.

It also allows them to bring their data to life and offers a unified platform for streamlining optimisation and managing organisational change. Moreover, it provides users with an efficient integration of IT/OT and operational data, along with traceable data models and bespoke operational applications suitable for leadership personnel, engineers and operators.

IMAGE: Palantir

Foundry for Manufacturing on AWS is a comprehensive solution that provides an answer for manufacturers who are looking to break down data silos, respond to disruptions in the value chain, and address talent and skills shortages. It enables customers to use powerful applications like yield optimisation, dynamic maintenance, production scheduling, and computer vision quality detection.

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Through the integration of Foundry with services such as AWS Lake Formation, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), added flexibility is also available. This solution based on the AWS Industrial Data Fabric offering makes it straightforward for customers to become data-driven by taking quick steps toward transforming their manufacturing and industrial operations.

Integrity Tool & Mold is embracing Foundry as its primary operating system at its largest plant in Windsor, Canada. By partnering with Palantir early on, the company has set in motion its transition to a digital command centre that will unite teams and data from all of its operations to enhance manufacturing.

Kevin Booker, Director of Operations at Integrity Tool & Mold, is confident that their people, vision and now the Foundry platform can revolutionise custom manufacturing. By accessing data points not available before and intertwining them with their system, they are able to enhance operational efficiency and quality.

Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd. recently deployed Foundry on AWS at their Panasonic Energy of North America facility in Sparks, Nevada. This now serves as the infrastructure of their Smart Factory ecosystem which deploys technologies from Edge AI to SDKs to allow for integrateable ML and Foundry Ontology capabilities into other applications across the global business.

Jacobs, a leading engineering and technical services company, created a process optimisation and dynamic maintenance solution suite in Palantir Foundry that links predictive AI modelling with plants' daily operations to decrease energy and chemical usage across sites. After 6 months, they noted a 20% annual reduction in plant-wide energy usage at the pilot site location, which has now commenced scaling to multiple other plant locations.

IMAGE: Palantir

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Gabby Rojas, Head of Manufacturing at Palantir, commented on the company's cutting-edge manufacturing solution for Foundry. Rojas emphasised that in the present era of mounting pressures and a shortage of staff within the manufacturing industry, this technology is key to allowing clients to make full use of their sensor data and AI for optimising their operations.

AWS is driven by the potential of what can happen when businesses have open, unrestricted access to their information and can shift to the cloud, revolutionising their processes and entire industries," said Wendy Bauer, General Manager, Automotive & Manufacturing at AWS. "We are thrilled to witness the influence on our customers as they utilise Foundry for Manufacturing on AWS; clearly demonstrating the significance of solutions presented in the AWS Marketplace and via the Industrial Data Fabric option."


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