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Polestar 2 has become one of the most popular company cars in Germany and has broken into the top ten for overall vehicle sales. It is clear that it has made a significant impact on the German auto market.

In fact, it the highest-selling electric company car in 2022 and even ranked among the top ten company cars overall in Germany, a nation renowned for its luxury cars and automotive innovation.

LeasePlan, the world's largest fleet management service company, reported that the Polestar 2 was its most sought-after company car in Germany for 2022. It snagged both the Top spots by edging out the Tesla Model 3 Long Range and Model Y Long Range, with their respective AWD long-distance and FWD versions - the latter of which has now been enhanced to include RWD. This achievement is all the more remarkable.


The Polestar 2 has kept making strides in a fiercely competitive region and rose to prominence in its initial markets like Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK and Belgium in 2020. Furthermore, Polestar has on a regular basis updated the car's systems over-the-air (OTA) to perfect its driving experience.

This year saw the launch of the upgraded 2024 Polestar 2, with improved battery size and motor power, RWD, and the added safety benefit of Polestar SmartZone's intelligent cameras and sensors. This is a momentous occasion for Germany's esteemed automotive industry, as Polestar expands worldwide and takes its place as a formidable competitor in the swiftly expanding EV market.


Christopher Schmidt, Commercial Director at LeasePlan Germany: "In the future, stronger incentives for electric cars must be created so that more and more drivers in companies can switch to electric drive and we can make the entire top 10 list greener."

The rankings:

  1. Passat Estate, Volkswagen (5.47%)
  2. Focus Tournament, Ford (3.38%)
  3. Kuga Duratec, Ford (2.91%)
  4. Superb Combi, Skoda (2.07%)
  5. Octavia Combi, Skoda (2.04%)
  6. Insignia Sports, Opel (1.55%)
  7. Leon Sportstour, Cupra/Seat (1.53%)
  8. Kodiaq, Skoda (1.52%)
  9. Golf Estate, Volkswagen (1.35%)
  10. Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor, Polestar (1.33%)
Additional News

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The Polestar 3 has been officially released in China and given a price cut of $30k. It is now available to purchase, with a reduced cost. It is likely that the highly anticipated luxury SUV will hit US shores this year. Polestar 3 is set to be available for European and North American customers this winter.

Polestar 2 BST Edition 230 - £74k

Polestar has released another limited-edition version of its Polestar 2 within the Polestar Engineered portfolio – the BST edition 230. Building on the outstanding chassis modifications of the initially crafted BST edition, this new version focuses more on performance design features.

Polestar 2 Model Year 2024

Start the new year off with a bang — the Polestar 2 model year 2024. Make this monumental change to upgrade your lifestyle and take advantage of all it has to offer. The switch to RWD is a major alteration that improves the driving experience and optimises the performance of the electric motor.

Polestar Luminar LiDAR

Luminar is bringing its advanced lidar tech to the Polestar 3, Volvo and Geely’s all-electric SUV. With this technology, the Polestar 3 will be able to see obstacles and recognise traffic signs. Additionally, it will help enhance active safety features.

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Google has implemented new functions in its Google Maps feature specially designed for electric vehicles such as Polestar and Volvo. These additional capabilities will provide enhanced support to those driving EVs.

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