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The Swedish EV startup Polestar has officially produced 100,000th Polestar 2s.

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“In our industry, there’s a lot of talk about 0-100. Sure, speed can be thrilling when driving, but speed in delivering potential climate solutions is what actually matters. And speaking of which, Polestar 2 went from 0-100,000 in only 2.5 years.” Polestar Statement

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath posted on Twitter, “Celebrating the 100.000th Polestar 2 rolling off production line today. Amazing achievement given @PolestarCars launched PS2 during pandemic - big thanks to the incredible factory @volvocars that powered through, overcoming all handicaps thrown into our way over last 2 years.”

Polestarcars Design Contest

Congratulations to our Student Category finalists, who have made it through to the finals of the 2022 Polestar Design Contest.

From the 3D models, to the board sketches, to the stories—the jury carefully reviewed every detail of your project. We are incredibly impressed with all of your entries, and we know that it was not easy for our jury to narrow down all of the submissions to just five finalists. Here are the designers who will move on to the finals: Bangning An, Swapnil Desai, Devashish Deshmukh, Wang Hao, Alisson Liu

Polestar reported $54 million in gross profit on $1.48 billion in sales. During that time Polestar delivered 30,424 cars globally, and the company said it was on track to hit its delivery target of 50,000 cars for the year. The company expects $2.4 billion in sales for the year, predicting that performance will be “driven by strong Q4 2022 sales.

Polestar says its product pipeline is slated to reveal new product launches like the Polestar 4 SUV in 2023, the Polestar 5 grand touring sedan in 2024, and the Polestar 6 roadster in 2026. Polestar previously announced its Polestar 3 SUV would be coming in the fourth quarter next year, and will eventually be built at Volvo’s plant in South Carolina in mid-2024.