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Polestar is similar to Volvo in many ways, not just from an automotive perspective and not because Volvo is Polestar's parent company. The brand's similarity runs deep. They've brought out the best in each other. The cohesive relations have birthed a new design age for each other. Polestar is the one to inspire Volvo in ways no one could have predicted.

For the first time in history, Volvo has created something which makes young people excited, that being Polestar, which is perhaps Volvo's best decision-making in a long time.

‌Volvo transitioned Polestar into its own company, in doing so it elected its very own head of design Thomas Ingenlath as the CEO of Polestar. The Company has also hired Maximilian Missoni as head of design at the new company, Polestar has gone on to create a team of designers and engineers who are jointly responsible for the company's success and the new wave of attention they've gathered through designing truly outstanding automotive designs. Essentially branding the company as the new Porsche or perhaps the new Ferrari.

It is undeniable that Polestar has influenced Volvo in its design approach, the all-new Volvo EX90 SUV was the confirmation. The icing on cake was of course the Polestar 3 Premium SUV which uses the same platform as the EX90, furthermore both cars share a similar interior styling which is the heart of Volvo's Scandinavia history.

Essentially Volvo and Polestar took everything great about Volvo cars and made them better in every single way. The fact that these cars share so much in design and technology should have made them both boring but instead, each car exterior looks completely different whiles maintaining a strong identity individually.

This is precisely what has made Both the Polestar 3 and Volvo EX90 such attractive options for many young first-time buyers of electric vehicles.

We have created a video about Polestar and Volvo's shifts in design. Please check it out for a more visual & audible perspective.

It would be far too easy to say Polestar cars are the same as Volvo cars without looking deeper within. Whiles the Polestar 2 was indeed initially an ICE car designed by Volvo, it has come a long way by growing into its own identity at Polestar, furthermore, the Polestar 3, 4, 5 and 6 are all taking a completely different design approach compare to Volvo cars.

Due to the share amount of effort it takes to transition into an EV company, we believe Polestar deserve to be looked at with respects and not contempt for what has been a truly successful relation between two automotive brands.

This is because brands are heading in different directions and it's prudent to give them the chance to prove themself in a very competitive industry.

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