Polestar Cars To Get YouTube App! Google IO
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Google revealed Wednesday at their I/O event that YouTube will be available on all cars fitted with Google, beginning with Polestar models.

As today's vehicles are equipped with increasingly sophisticated infotainment systems, drivers and passengers can benefit from enhanced convenience and entertainment. This is often seen in the form of several screens, one for the driver and one for the backseat occupants.

Today, many automobiles have the ability to access YouTube via the Android Auto app. This app runs on an Android phone and communicates wirelessly with the car, enabling drivers to view their applications on their car's display. Additionally, cars that are powered by Google’s Android Automotive operating system can use the latest integration of this app. This OS is based off a Linux-run open-source mobile operating system, which has been modified by Google to be used in cars and connect apps like Maps, Assistant and Play.

Polestar 2 already has Google's tech giant built in, and the upcoming Polestar 3 will boast its HD mapping solution. Similarly, YouTube will also be accessible, but only when the car has stopped. The company stated that further partnerships with automakers are anticipated to be announced in the foreseeable future.

Google revealed that it is partnering up with Volvo and Mercedes. The latter's deal differs from the general agreement they have in place, as it is more of a licensing arrangement to provide Google Maps, Cloud and YouTube for Mercedes-Benz cars fitted with their upcoming MB.OS operating system.

At its I/O event, Google also revealed new gaming features for these vehicles. Drivers now have access to GameSnacks, a platform specialised in easy-to-play games like Solitaire and Beach Buggy Racing that can pass the time while charging their car or picking up children from school.

GameSnacks will be available on Android Auto, providing even more entertainment options for drivers of cars with Google built-in. The company is expecting the number of such vehicles to increase significantly by 2024.

The auto industry has seen several players pursue in-car gaming opportunities - Polestar, BYD and Hyundai are collaborating with Nvidia to introduce its cloud gaming service GeForce Now. Tesla had previously rolled out their own gaming functionalities and made Steam's library of thousands of games available for users. BMW too joined the league last year by partnering with AirConsole that initiated a collection of single as well as multiplayer games, beginning with the upcoming 2023 BMW 7 series.

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