Polestar's Upgrade Brings Apple CarPlay & YouTube
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CarPlay has now enabled the projection of Apple Maps in the vehicle's gauge cluster, offering a preview of the latest version released by Apple last year.

Polestar has released new software that allows Polestar 2 owners to easily watch streaming video while their cars are charging. Additionally, the update offers an improved version of Apple CarPlay with the ability to project Apple Maps onto the instrument cluster.

IMAGE: Polestar

This last feature is intriguing; it might give us a sneak peek of what Apple's updated CarPlay, which can show multiple displays across the dashboard, could be like.

P2.9 is Polestar's 15th OTA upgrade since the year began, signifying the rising reliance of car manufacturers on updates like these to equip their vehicles with the state-of-the-art in infotainment technology. Such advancements as streaming videos, games, and other conveniences are now features that connected cars possess.

YouTube is a notable part of the Polestar 2, as it marks the debut of Google's video streaming platform in vehicles. Polestar is among a select few automakers that use Android Automotive, Google's dedicated OS for automobiles.

IMAGE: Polestar

Until last month, YouTube was not included in the native Android OS. However, Google has now announced they will be rolling out the app to vehicles with Android Automotive, beginning with Volvo and Polestar cars.

CarPlay is set to get an upgrade on Polestar vehicles with the release of a new OTA update. Last year was the first time the Swedish automaker included it in their cars, but thanks to this update, users can look forward to improved functionality. Polestar promises that more features will be made available.

Phone calls can be answered with steering wheel controls while using CarPlay, with Apple Maps displayed on the gauge cluster behind the wheel - a unique occasion for CarPlay to be occupying two screens simultaneously.

Apple had promised to bring an innovative phone projection system to the forefront of in-car technology, with better integration and support for multiple displays. Nevertheless, the release has been sluggish, and many car manufacturers have indicated that they will be moving on from CarPlay. To this end, General Motors declared earlier in 2020 that its new electric lineup would no longer include CarPlay or Android Auto.

IMAGE: Polestar

Finally, Polestar is modernising the Range Assistant app to give drivers a more precise view of their energy consumption. They announced that the upgraded algorithm for the predicted range shown by the app has been altered to "consider changes in external and other conditions that have an effect on efficiency."

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