Porsche and Mobileye launch SuperVision collaboration
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Mobileye today announced its strategic collaboration with Porsche, one of the world's greatest sports car builders, to integrate SuperVision™, our premium advanced driver assistance system, into upcoming Porsche models.

This venture is part of our plan to progress towards autonomy via continual advancement. Starting from current eyes-on, hands-on driver assist systems to those utilizing SuperVision that can permit hands-off operation in particular circumstances and ultimately leading to eyes-off, hands-off autonomy.

IMAGE: Porsche.com

“We are excited to collaborate with Porsche on bringing the next generation of driving technology to customers worldwide,” said Prof. Amnon Shashua, President and CEO of Mobileye. “We share Porsche’s goal of improving the driving experience through world-class technological innovation. 

“Mobileye SuperVision™ system was designed to enhance safety through the synergetic interaction of driver and vehicle, as well as enhance the driving experience itself, by giving drivers greater freedom to choose how they want to engage with the road, and when they want to let the vehicle handle basic driving tasks.” 

IMAGE: Mobileye / Porsche.com

Future Porsche models will feature a state-of-the-art system including 11 cameras and radar sensors, which will enable supervised hands-free operation for select applications. Connected to our cloud-based Road Experience Management™ maps, they will provide detailed information on road features such as lanes and signals, and the behavior of other drivers.

Our latest offering, Mobileye SuperVision™, is a powerful amalgamation of software and hardware supported by the EyeQ™6 High systems-on-a-chip, coupled with an SV62 domain controller. This has enabled us to create a particularly flexible solution which Porsche plan to use as part of their superior driver-assist platform, including driver monitoring systems to provide an unparalleled driving experience. The collaboration between the two companies should result in Mobileye SuperVision™ being integrated into the Volkswagen Group.

Mobileye SuperVision™ technology has been designed to operate globally across various operational domains. Mobileye’s 20 years of expertise as a pioneer in camera-based driver safety and assistance systems, using its proprietary EyeQ SoCs, has made it possible. As a result of this technology, more than 135 million vehicles have been incorporated with Mobileye support technology, resulting in an improvement in traffic safety for all road users.


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