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Futuristic Keyboard Design Concept by

SR-X bike Concept Designed By @hugedesignsf in collaboration with @zeromotorcycles.

The Honda E:DAX Concept Bike Design by @michiopapers

HOONIKART BY @sid.projects Tribute to @kblock43

Hyundai concept car by @byignatowski

Mini by @byignatowski

Additional Posts

Architectures New Quest - Saudi Arabian Mukaab

The Saudi Arabian administration recently revealed their plans to construct a 400-metre-high cube-shaped skyscraper, dubbed Mukaab, as part of the Murabba urban plan in Riyadh.

FORD GT Concept Car

This GT Concept blends inspiration from the Ford GT and some classic design elements to bring back a touch of the past. Artist Link Andreas Ezelius


  1. "We made a house with a bump! Muhu is a new era design villa from which dome window you can enjoy the beauty of the night sky. Muhu is born in collaboration with @aksohaus and @ktarchitects"
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