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Rivian is developing an e-bike. CEO RJ Scaringe indicated that a small team has been assembled for the project.

This new mode of transportation promises to be a game changer for the brand and has the potential to alter the way Rivian appeals to customers.

It's ambiguous if Scaringe referred to a battery pedal bike or an electric motorbike. Previously, Scaringe has dropped hints about venturing into micro-mobility and the company holds patents for designs and components of e-bikes.

EVs have been the cause of much excitement in the past year, yet it appears that electric bikes are more sought-after than electric and plugin hybrids in the US. Even in Europe, the sale of e-bikes is expected to outstrip automobiles, both powered by electricity or other sources. This presents a highly attractive opportunity for Rivian whose looking to increase their profits and global appeal.

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Rivian Incredible 2022 Year, Despite Set Backs - 24K EVs Delivered

Rivian Automotive revealed the quantity of vehicles produced in the quarter ending December 31, 2022 and the amount shipped during that time frame. A total of 10,020 vehicles were fabricated at their Normal, Illinois plant with 8,054 delivered to customers.

In 2022, the company manufactured 24,337 vehicles and sent 20,332 of them out to customers.

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