The All-Electric Volvo EX90 Excellence Edition - Experience Luxury
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Experience a level of luxury travel like nothing you've ever experienced before with the introduction of the all-electric Volvo EX90 Excellence. With its cutting edge technology, this vehicle takes chauffeured journeys to an unprecedented level of comfort and sophistication.

At the end of last year, Volvo revealed EX90, representing a major milestone in our transformation to a fully electric car brand by 2030.

During April 2023 Volvo presents the EX90 Excellence, an already exceptional vehicle made even more exceptional. This limited edition, top-of-the-line version of the Volvo EX90 is taking the premium experience to the highest level and was unveiled in Shanghai.

IMAGE: Volvo

The Volvo EX90 Excellence is the ideal choice if you'd rather sit back and relax in the rear than take the wheel. With it, you can make even more of that precious me-time, whether due to a busy lifestyle or simply your preference. Whatever the reason, you're sure to enjoy first-class comfort as you travel.

“With the EX90 Excellence, we demonstrate our ability to innovate in the ultimate premium segment and meet specific market demands with our cars,” said Björn Annwall, chief commercial officer and deputy CEO. “It will be offered in China first as the Chinese market is hugely important to our company and the EX90 Excellence is created to meet demand for high-end, chauffeur-driven cars.”

The Volvo EX90 Excellence features a few external adjustments from its 7-seater counterpart, giving it an even more suave look. Its two-tone colour pallet and 22-inch forged rims, designed to improve performance and handling, are likely to catch your eye. Primarily however, this vehicle maintains the attractive design of the first EX90 released late last year.

IMAGE: Volvo

At the centre console of your Volvo EX90 Excellence, you'll find an Orrefors crystal piece. This microswitch controls a fragrance dispenser, offering up to three distinct aromas to help enhance the atmosphere of your cabin. Additionally, it has been fitted with corresponding mood lighting for a truly soothing experience. For its seating material, you can pick either a wool blend or Nordico upholstery; made from recycled PET bottles and responsibly-sourced bio-attributed material from Swedish and Finnish forests respectively.

“The Volvo EX90 is a statement for where we are and where we are going,” said Javier Varela, our chief operating officer and deputy CEO. “It’s fully electric, designed to further raise our safety standards, the first Volvo car to be truly defined by its software and part of a wider ecosystem, connecting to your home and your other devices. The Volvo EX90 is the start of something new for Volvo Cars in many ways.”

The Volvo EX90 Excellence features the latest in safety technology, both interior and exterior. An invisible shield of protection is enabled by a suite of sensing systems, using the industry-leading lidar technology provided by Luminar, coupled with an extensive driver understanding unit. Powered by NVIDIA DRIVE® - with Xavier and Orin system-on-chips, Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Volvo's advanced developed software written by its engineers - the advanced computing power manages critical processes within the vehicle and offers a smoother journey for all occupants.

IMAGE: Volvo
IMAGE: Volvo
IMAGE: Volvo

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