The Emergence of Artificial intelligence - The Creator

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Gareth Edwards' The Creator pits humanity against the forces of technological progress in a struggle to save our planet from destruction. The first trailer gives a glimpse into this epic confrontation.

People are highly worried about the effects of artificial intelligence on our society, and it appears on screen in 20th Century Studios' The Creator, a movie directed by Gareth Edwards. While much of the plot centres around humanity's decision to annihilate thinking machines, the trailer shows how astounded everyone is to find themselves robotic civil war.

IMAGE: 20th Century Studios
IMAGE: 20th Century Studios

John David Washington stars in The Creator, set in a world where AI has caused a nuclear cataclysm. As a special forces agent, Joshua, with his team of survivors, embarks on a pursuit to locate the being responsible for beginning the war between man and machine. What they discover is that this entity potentially possesses a weapon that could bring about peace; thus they make it their mission to get hold of the weapon before anyone else. To their surprise, they come across Alfie (Madeleine Yuna Voyles), an enigmatical mechanical child who may hide immense powers. This raises questions regarding what constitutes existence as we know it.

Obviously, Josh's encounter with Alfie won't be a short-lived one and it looks like their connection will have some kind of deeper significance when The Creator premieres on September 29th. The trailer has us all asking the same question - is Hollywood ever going to come up with something truly new for these kinds of stories or are they content to keep recycling old tales?

IMAGE: 20th Century Studios
IMAGE: 20th Century Studios
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