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If you're looking for a change of pace, why not follow your favourite authors on Artifact? It could be a great way to stay up-to-date with their latest work.

Artifact, the AI-powered news app designed by Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, has just launched a new feature. It allows users to follow individual writers and prioritize their articles in your feed. You can also choose to receive notifications whenever these authors post something new.

Writers have the opportunity to verify their profiles on Artifact and have a verifiable checkmark next to their name both in search and accompanying their comments. As of now, Claiming is only available through the iOS app, but Android users don't need to worry; it's coming soon according to Systrom. On top of enabling readers to comment on individual articles, Artifact also keeps track of how many people read your work as well as which other publications are linking it.

Artifact appears to be taking advantage of the recent upheavals at Twitter in order to make a home for news and social networking. People have always used Twitter to talk about the latest news, yet it's not as enjoyable anymore. Therefore, Artifact is aiming to become the ideal location for people to converse about events going on in the world. At its inception, Casey Newton described it as "a kind of TikTok for text," and that description still stands today.

Artifact is up against a great deal of opposition. Substack introduced its Notes, which provides readers and authors with a platform to interact; conversations around newsletters and writers seem to dominate here. Bluesky is quickly becoming the successor to Twitter however; it's still on an invite-only basis and count only 70,000 users. There are other viable contenders from ex-Twitter users as well.

The potential of Artifact lies in sticking to news; from the perspective of a journalist, it's easy to recognize how employing this app for uncovering new stories and conversing with readers is appealing. However, after some time that could become laborious; so I'm not positive how enthralled I'd be to spend an excessive amount of time on the app, when there's such a variety of commotion across the web.

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