Lunar Architecture 3D-Printed Buildings - Bjarke Ingels Group!
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Project Olympus, a joint venture of BIG, ICON, a 3D-printing start-up, and design firm SEArch+, may open the door to inhabitancy on the moon in the future.

For centuries, humans have dreamt of a lunar existence, be it with flying chariots or self-burying modules. Even as SpaceX and the Space Force enter the scene, 50 years after the first landing, our dreams are far from over. This is where architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), construction start-up ICON, and design firm SEArch+ come in. Through their initiative, Project Olympus, they aim to explore a method for 3D-printing structures using lunar dust as primary material – perhaps providing one more small step towards realising those age-old dreams.

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