Ford New VW-Base Electric Crossover SUV

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  • Ford has unveiled their latest EV model in Europe, the Explorer compact SUV.
  • Based on Volkswagen's MEB platform, this electric car is constructed in Germany.
  • A U.S.-spec Explorer EV is also expected to be released at some point but it is likely to be much bigger than its European counterpart.

Ford will begin manufacturing the Explorer in Cologne, Germany from now on, aiming exclusively for the European market. Starting at around $48,000, reservations have already opened up.


Utilising Volkswagen's MEB electric platform, this Europe-market crossover will soon roll off the production line in Germany. It stands to be noticeably smaller than the three-row Explorer found in North America.


Ford Motors has recently showcased its initial all-electric vehicle, specially tailored for the European market. This comes as the company moves forward with its ambitious goal of totally electrifying its European fleet by 2030. The new EV crossover, named the Explorer, is set to capitalise on its well-known brand name to increase its popularity across Europe.

According to Ford, there will be both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options, hinting at a range of outputs from below 200 horsepower for the entry models to over 300 horsepower for those at the top end.

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