Thomas Ingenlath, the CEO of Polestar, recently shared updates of their EVs - the 3, 4 and 5 - currently being tested in cold weather.

The Polestar 4 is earning a reputation as a rear sight to see, with only few glimpses revealed. Now we can see that the coupe crossover is going to be smaller and more aerodynamic than the Polestar 3. The evocative windscreen and car-inspired roofline certainly add to its sleek new look.

The view from a distance isn't doing us any justice, but we can make out a short sloping nose along with a full camo livery. The rear end is evidently designed to give the best possible aerodynamics, boasting full-width taillights.

This vehicle design side profile has a very Tesla model 3/Y vibe, undoubtedly this is not a bad thing, Tesla is well known for making cars with aerodynamic range efficiency in mind.

Polestar hasn't been too vocal about their upcoming crossover coupe, but the car is believed to be heavily inspired by the 3 that will come out later in 2023.

The P4 is soon to join its main rivals such as Porsche Macan EV, Tesla Model Y. The starting price of approximately £49,000.

The Polestar 4 is the company's fourth model and will be instrumental in helping Polestar reach its goal of 290,000 sales worldwide by 2025. The Polestar 3 SUV was a proposition to compete with BMW iX and Audi Q8 e-tron.

As opposed to the Precept concept, the Polestar 5 is a performance sedan that has been displayed by the company. It features a bonded aluminum chassis, an 800V architecture, and a dual-motor AWD system with its targeted output being 872 hp (650 kW / 883 PS). Additionally, it can generate 664 lb-ft (900 Nm) of torque.

In addition to presenting the prototypes, The Polestar CEO continues to take shots at Elon Musk. He commented that “We might lack the art of using Twitter to our advantage but we don’t lack the art of developing awesome EVs and delivering our portfolio @PolestarCars”. As seen below.

Additional News

Polestar 3 Gets $30K Price Cut in China - Despite No Price War Claims By CEO!

The Polestar 3 has been officially released in China and given a price cut of $30k. It is now available to purchase, with a reduced cost. It is likely that the highly anticipated luxury SUV will hit US shores this year. Polestar 3 is set to be available for European and North American customers this winter.

Polestar 2 BST Edition 230 - £74k

Polestar has released another limited-edition version of its Polestar 2 within the Polestar Engineered portfolio – the BST edition 230. Building on the outstanding chassis modifications of the initially crafted BST edition, this new version focuses more on performance design features.

Polestar 2 Model Year 2024

Start the new year off with a bang — the Polestar 2 model year 2024. Make this monumental change to upgrade your lifestyle and take advantage of all it has to offer. The switch to RWD is a major alteration that improves the driving experience and optimises the performance of the electric motor.

Polestar Luminar LiDAR

Luminar is bringing its advanced lidar tech to the Polestar 3, Volvo and Geely’s all-electric SUV. With this technology, the Polestar 3 will be able to see obstacles and recognise traffic signs. Additionally, it will help enhance active safety features.

Google Maps New Updates To Polestar & Volvo Electric Cars

Google has implemented new functions in its Google Maps feature specially designed for electric vehicles such as Polestar and Volvo. These additional capabilities will provide enhanced support to those driving EVs.

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