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Svart's ambition is to achieve the capacity for full off-grid operation within five years of its commencement.

Svart is set to be the first resort of its kind to be self-sustaining. In providing a bespoke experience, Svart aims to encourage visitors to take an interest in protecting nature and become aware of global issues relating to the environment. The local community will also benefit from increased education with regards to these topics.

Svart will show how modern-day explorers can assist in our planet's sustainable expansion while still enjoying the luxuries of contemporary living.

Integrated architecture is an approach to the design of a system which employs interconnected strategies, processes and technologies. It enables a consistent and thorough approach to the successful delivery of projects that use shared services, practices, and common standards. This type of architecture provides a cohesive framework for both inward-facing team activities as well as outward-facing customer interactions.

Drawing on local customs of coastal construction and the outdoors, this design blurs the line between land and sea.

Our intention is to revolutionise our perspective of hotels and usher in their future through a progressive, unique method of design, technology, construction, management and guest experience.

The hotel will be totally autonomous in terms of electricity, water, and waste management. Our "farm to table" service is concentrated on pioneering a novel experience for guests while they are there. Plus, we provide boat shuttles and other amenities from the nearby greenhouse farm.