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Design firm SOM has recently partnered with an energy storage company known as Energy Vault, the calibration is to design a four schematic infrastructure of sustainable energy storage, which includes integrating technology as a key pivotal role in ultra-tall skyscraper designs.

The work of SOM includes up to four potential systems for a gravity base storage solution, some would describe this as a straightforward solution to the overheating issues that often arise in energy storage, in reality, the reasoning for such a design is to create a force of gravity which would then generate electricity by lifting and then dropping a weight, which as been theorized and test but not so much on a large scale platform.

Credit: SOM and Energy Vault's EVc

These designs are known as EVu, EVc, EVo and EVy.

The EVu tower design with the EVy in-combust has a very strict layout of the natural landscape, on the other hand, EVc and EVo use hydropower. two different approaches with a multi-layer plan ahead.

The ultimate plan is to integrate these systems into the ultra-tall towers to optimize for sustainability which would in turn be the driver of carbon acceleration and push energy consumption to a more even playing field.

The systems in these structures are designed to provide energy for both towers of their embodiment, this is smart technology after all which is built to redirect energy to elsewhere when the the demand rises outside its dwelling.

These are mega structures, after all, the ultra tower's designs, have the capability of producing energy for up to 80,000 through the use of the 300-meter-tall offshore wind-catcher screen.

Credit: SOM and Energy Vault's EVc
Credit: SOM and Energy Vault's EVc
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