Volvo EX90 Production Delayed Due To Software Complexity
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The Volvo EX90 all-electric SUV was meant to be available by the start of 2024, but its production has been pushed back until mid-year due to needing more "software testing and development".

Volvo Cars reported that its global sales reached 51,976 cars in April, with a 10 per cent increase on the previous year. This was mainly due to their Recharge models – 40 per cent of total sales were composed of vehicles with either all-electric or plug-in hybrid powertrains, 17 per cent of which being solely electric – over the entirety of January-April period, Volvo Cars saw a 10 per cent surge in their 214,914 car sales.

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The EX90, a luxurious seven-seater family-mover with 300 miles of range and an initial price tag of $80,000, was predicted to commence production in late 2023 and be made available for purchase in early 2024. However, according to a statement from the Swedish automaker, production has been pushed back until the first half of the following year - suggesting customers won't receive their vehicles until the latter part of that period.

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The Volvo EX90 sees a high demand and in order to optimise the experience for customers and offer the best in quality from day one, Volvo Cars requires extra time for software development and testing. Consequently, production timing must be adjusted accordingly, according to the firm.

The EX90 was launched in late 2022, distinguished as one of the most sophisticated cars ever produced. This was made clear by Volvo's selection of suppliers for the vehicle's tech-laden capabilities, such as Nvidia, Luminar and Qualcomm.

With the EX90's release date being pushed back due to its software requirements, certain companies who have been associated with the development have immediately denied any role in this delay. One such example is Luminar, publicly clarifying that the timing change has no relation to them.

IMAGE: Volvo

Luminar manufactures laser sensors, which they refer to as lidar, to generate 3D maps of the environment around vehicles for active safety and autonomous driving. Volvo is an early adopter of this technology, deeming it a critical part of their goal to achieve zero fatalities from traffic accidents. The EX90 model's lidar has a range of 250 meters and is sensitive enough to pick up something small and dark such as a tire on a black road from 120 meters away at highway speed.

Software glitches have had no shortage of negative impacts on vehicle production schedules, from Volvo's XC40 Recharge EV being postponed at US ports in early 2021 due to the need for a critical software update, to Volkswagen, Ford and other companies having their timetables change as well as recalls.

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