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Volvo is bringing back their V60 and V90 estate vehicles to the UK after announcing their departure last year in 2023, the reasoning was to allow the brand to focus more on its promising SUV future, particularly in the new ever-expanding electric vehicles market.

The S60 and S90 which are Volvo's saloon siblings do not have a planned return as far as we know so far. Pricing starts from £47K up to £62K, while orders begin next month.

Volvo has been relentless in its pursuit of establishing a promising SUV segment and indeed Volvo has kept its promise to bring the affordable EX30 to market thus far the brand has seen great success with this small Coupé SUV.

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The next SUV Volvo promises is their Flagship EX90 full electric family-size SUV, this vehicle holds huge potential for the brand as it's purely aimed at the premium market buyers and previously Volvo has done very well in this area with its well-known EC60 and EC90 SUVs.

The S60 models are rather powerful offering 2.0-litre mild hybrid petrol engine variants providing up to 197bhp and a more competitive model of petrol plug-in hybrid which goes up to 350bhp and 455bhp.

This decision from Volvo came with the public knowledge of the V60 and V90 being Volvo's worst-performing models in sales figures by only selling 44,600 in 2023, for Volvo this is disconcerting and perhaps now Volvo has found a way to improve these models in more than one way with the intentions to future grows it's sales.


Credit: Volvo

The UK is quite an important market for Volvo, being its 3rd largest market for sales, the Volvo XC60 SUV exceeded sales of 228K worldwide in 2023, this also brings into question the sedan model future in the U.S as Volvo recently announced its stopping production of the S60 to make way for the EX90 SUV production and grand entrance in the prominent SUV mart is the U.S which does make plenty of sense as SUV sales triumph that of Sedans in theU.S by a large margin.

Volvo has larger plans to bring forth its ES90 electric sedans to be launched next year in 2025 as a part of its push to diversify its product lineup.

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