Volvo's Bold Move to Go All-In on SUVs in the UK
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The Swedish automaker Volvo has made it clear that they are continuously evolving their product lineup, transitioning to full electrification and integrating new platforms and technologies into all of their cars. To focus on fully electric vehicles, consolidation of various models is imminent.

This is a landmark decision - Volvo is now exclusively an SUV brand here in the UK. It has confirmed that it will no longer be selling saloons or estates, which is almost the same as Ford discontinuing the Fiesta. Amazing!

It had been on the cards - in June, the S90 and Cross Country versions of the V60 and V90 had been discarded, and now those who'd held out have seen the S60 saloon, as well as the remaining V60 and V90 estates, removed from Volvo's catalogue.

IMAGE: Volvo

The UK market has made its opinion known; Volvo saloons and estates occupy less than 10% of sales, the XC40, XC60 and XC90 SUVs being the top three in their segments.

Given the reduced demand for saloon and estate models in the UK, Volvo as taken the decision to remove them from our line-up. This covers the S60, V60 and V90 models. However, our SUV range continues to be popular and there is considerable anticipation surrounding the arrival of our electric EX30 and EX90 models.

Although Volvo's supply of S and V cars is dwindling, continued production for overseas sales offers hope that an electric estate might one day be available in the UK.

We will not pare down our product range to 40 models, that is not the approach we are taking. Instead, we will focus on specific demographic groups and then look into the various formats such as sedans and wagons at a later stage.

Volvo has pledged to produce a range of EVs by 2030, with new fully electric EX30 model launching in late 2023, the seven-seat EX90 is due in 2024 and an XC60 replacement planned for 2025.


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