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Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics-maker, is reportedly developing the MS11. This device has been leaked in China and appears to be a car. It's suggested that this will be the company's foray into the automotive industry, making it the first big venture into vehicle production for Xiaomi. MS11 is only a code name. The real name is rumoured to be ‘Modena’.

The traditional boundaries between the automotive and smartphone industries have now been broken down. Chinese car manufacturers, like NIO and Geely, are venturing into smartphones, while phone companies are dipping their toes in the auto industry. For example, Xiaomi is set to release its electric sedan - the MS11 - in China during the start of 2024. It is sure to impress with its sleek design.

The cars detail is remarkable and appears to be an actual shot of the car, rather than just some renderings.

Xiaomi is a manufacturer of consumer electronics, Initially the company only produced smartphones, but since then they have ventured into various other items such as TVs and smart speakers.

The MS11/Modena will use battery solutions from CATL and BYD, with the electric motor developed in-house at Xiaomi. This is not their first foray into electric motors, as Huawei - more notorious for its networking business - also produces and sells them to car manufacturers.