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Xiaomi has plans to launch the brand's first SUV, the company's new model is aimed at a lower price compared to their first model the SU7 which had an incredible acceptance upon its debut with up to 90,000 orders within its first 24 hours. The SUV is said to be coming in 2025 and targets the Tesla Model Y in almost every aspect including its price which is rumored at $40K - $50K, the vehicle has already begun road testing and it has been spotted as the images below depicts.

Xiaomi SU7's starting price is 215,900 yuan (29,900 USD) The aim was always to undercut the Tesla Model 3 at (34,500 USD) at the time of sales commencing.

The leaked public testing of what looks like the Coupé SUV shares very similar aesthetic features to that of the Ferrari Purosangue and numerous fans continue to express the likeness or rather similarities between the vehicles despite there being no official images except for those of the concept designs by Sugar Design.

Both the leaked images and concept designs support the claims that the upcoming SUV intends to compete with not just the Tesla Model Y and the Porsche Macan, but brands like Polestar which also intends to target the likes of Porsche.

Xiaomi was originally a smartphone company with a strong focus on technological advancements. The brand's shock departure or rather a bold step to diversify its product portfolio by getting involved in the electric vehicle market, found immediate success where others have failed miserably.

After the SU7 received a very strong welcome, the brand intends to capitalise upon this success with its follow-up, the SUV is to improve in all areas with an emphasis on quality.

Xiaomi factory in Beijing has an annual production of up to 150,000 vehicles in the first phase which will increase to 300,000 vehicles in the second phase. The company's factory is far from its full capacity and it aims to be an active product for the remainder of the year 2024.

Xiaomi Beijing EV Factory

Xiaomi intends to gain great traction with its newly captivating SU7 sedan and eventually establish itself in the electric vehicle market with its upcoming SUV aimed to appease middle audiences of the very much high-demanded premium segment.

The long-term success of the brand is yet to be proven as this is only the beginning for the brand and the electric vehicle market's competitive nature is at its most potent right now, it is no longer the early days of EVs, we are now closing in on the precipice of this very sharp market.

The SU7 was launched in three distinctive versions, the standard, Pro, and Max, with prices starting from $29K for the standard, $33K for the Pro, and $41K for the Max.
One might assume with the upcoming SUV, there shall be multiple versions to satisfy its varied demand.

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