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XPeng's latest model the all-new electric Mona MO3 has the lowest wind resistance for a mass-produced electric sedan at cd 0.194, this puts the Mona in direct comparison with the Lucid Air Drag coefficient rating of 0.197. Pricing is expected to start in the range of 150,000 yuan (20,650 USD).

The closest produced EV comparison after this is the Mercedes EQS at 0.200 and the Tesla Model S at 0.208.
Credit: XPeng

With this car going the extra mile in aerodynamics rating, the company inspects further range efficiency without the need for a larger battery. The reduced reduction in wind resistance aims to increase the range by an approximate 60km. The rumoured range expectations are suggested at 550 km (CLTC), which would equal approximately 341 miles, with the electric power options of 140 kW or 160 kW using lithium iron phosphate blade batteries from a BYD sub-brand known as FinDreams.

The Mona MO3 cars started as a partnership between two brands, Didi and XPeng, the companies will share responsibilities as to why the brand grows. Both brand intends to brand this car as Powered by AI Smart EV Worldwide, which derives from the naming which means (Made of New AI), a fitting slogan for an internationally targeted electric vehicle.

Credit: XPeng

The overall design of this car bears bare resemblance to the Polestar 4 and 5, the headlight and side profile are the obvious points of interest, while the low slim top-to-bottom figure takes on similar characteristics to that of the Polestar 5 GT Sedan.

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