NIO Electric Car Sales Skyrocketed in April 2023 - What's Driving the Surge?
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In April, NIO saw yet another rise in electric vehicle shipments worldwide. Compared to the same month last year, the Chinese premium EV pioneer delivered 6,658 cars; an increase of 31%.

This is an encouraging indication, and we can expect a fresh influx of models later this year. NIO's sales include 1,713 crossovers/SUVs as well as 4,945 sedans.

The company no longer breaks down the number of each model, but noted that the majority of units were from the ET5 and ES7.

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NIO Global Infrastructure Deployment Update - April 2023 As of 30 April, #NIO has built up 114 #NIOHouses, 276 #NIOSpaces, 292 #NIOServiceCenters, 52 #NIODeliveryCenters, 1,398 #PowerSwapStations.

NIO has delivered a total of over 37,000 electric vehicles in the past year, representing an increase of 22% compared to the same period last year. Although it is concerning that crossover/SUV sales have dropped by almost 60% when compared to the preceding year, this could be attributable to their switch to new models and may be just temporary.

In 2022, NIO sold over 122,000 electric vehicles across the globe. This was a landmark year for the company who shifted from its NT1.0 platform to NT2.0. This transition included introducing the ES7 (EL7 in Europe) and ET5 models.

NIO EC7 Flag-Ship SUV Starts Delivery

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The NIO Group is in the process of developing two separate budget-friendly brands, dubbed Alps and Firefly, for the time being. The definitive labels for these projects are yet to be determined.

NIO CFO Confirms 250K 2023 Delivery Target!

Shares of NIO Inc. ($NIO) are back on the rise after the company's CFO, Mr Feng, said he was "very confident" that the electric vehicle manufacturer would hit its 250,000 annual sales target for 2023.

Breaking: NIO To Launch ET5 Delivery in Germany on Mar 31

NIO (NYSE: $NIO) will deliver the ET5 in Germany during the final days of March, fulfilling their prior pledge to begin deliveries of the sedan in Europe this month. NIO is launching the 'First Mover' campaign via their European version of the App.

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